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16th October 2021

Diary of an injured Physio: getting more active calf on Day 4

Pain is reducing even though the tightness in my calf is still noticeable. I want to build up on recruiting more healthy muscle fibers while letting the overstretched ones regenerate.

But fist I have to make sure that core and gluts are kicking in properly. Even though the damage is at the end of the leg, the rehab starts from the core!

I have managed to do some glut work and stability work with patients using some fun exercises

I can also slowly walk backwards. This seems such an easy thing to do. But do it properly and slowly requires good core control and e-centric calf muscle work. Just try it if you don’t believe me.

Time to focus on calf raises in many variations:

  • bilateral calf raises are less painful (but still tiring). I managed 2×15 in the morning and the same in the evening but unfortunately not more.
  • Isometric weight shift: raise the heel to the max, then holding core and glut well activated, shift the weight to one foot only. Hold for 10 second. Without dropping the heel, shift to the other foot.   3x 10 seconds on each leg… tough.
  • Unilateral and e-centric not possible yet.
  • Walk it out and gentle stretch
  • Self massage for me today but if you have the chance I would book in with Ellie. She is magic!

So, I decided to try to go to my first indoor volleyball training in 2 years. My goal: meet up with the team, refresh indoor techniques and feeling for the ball. If this won’t be possible, I will help where I can and work for the ball feeling. Jumping and sprinting are out of equation.

I will let you know how it went.

As usual, the exercises can be adapted according to the injury.

I will be more than happy to advise you.

Just contact me via email at or book your appointment here .

Published on: 16th October 2021