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4th April 2018

Cyclists, Is Your Bike Ready for You? Time for a Bike Fit

The days are getting longer. Time to get the bike out of the shed, clean it and pump up those flat tires! Cycling is excellent for many reasons but bikes come in all shapes and sizes, as do cyclists and very rarely they come together as a perfect match!  So if you are planning to cycle regularly then you might want to consider a professional MOT for yourself and your bike. That’s what you get with a proper bike fit.

Should you get a bike fit?

Whether you are a recreational rider or a professional athlete, a professional fit will greatly benefit your enjoyment on the bike.  If you feel any pain or discomfort on the bike or feel you should be going faster than you do, a fit is for you.

Have you ever noticed niggles in your knees, stiffness in your neck or lower back, numbness in your hand during or after you have been riding your bike?

Aches and pains are NOT normal and part of the package of cycling. They are an indication that something in your movement is not quite right. Consider just how many times you move your knees, your ankles, hips up and down per minute. How bent your lower back is when you sit on the saddle, how you keep your head to look forward. If you persistently do the wrong movement or need too much tension or stretch or pressure on your joints, then the pain will occur. You wouldn’t drive your car with badly aligned wheels or a malfunctioning gearbox. You know this will cause more problems.

So why put your body under unnecessary strain if you can prevent it?

With a bike fit, we look to make you comfortable on the bike as well as getting the most out of your fitness at the same time. So after the fit, you can expect to ride for longer while feeling like you’re going faster, a win-win!

What is a bike fit?

You can expect a fit to substantially improve overall rider comfort and it will help prevent any cycling induced repetitive stress injuries, such as sore shoulders, wrists, knees or back & neck.  A fit will look at all contact points and as well as improving and eliminating stress injuries; it will reduce or eliminate saddle discomfort and genital numbness.

A good bike fit will also make you a more efficient bike rider and thus reduce rider fatigue, allowing you to ride longer and faster for the same effort because it allows the rider to use multiple muscle groups in the most effective and efficient manner.

BE AWARE THOUGH: Check for quality mark International Bike Fitting Institute (IBFI) The majority of the bike fits offered at various cycle shops are not of a very high standard. If the fit is included in the price, be happy. If the shop will ask you for extra money than you want to consider having your bike fitted professionally at the highest standard for possibly the same cost. Jon Bateman is registered with International Bike Fitting Institute (IBFI).

The International Bike Fitting Institute (IBFI) is an international organisation developing a global standard for the bike fitting industry

What happens during the session?

To read more about Bike Fitting please click here

 We have received great feedback so far so why not book in and get your bike set up ready for the off!

Published on: 4th April 2018