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14th September 2022

Changing season, changing activities

Swapping the beach for high heels

As the days get shorter, our daily routines are changing. The changing seasons often means changing activities, but I wonder if this influences your mood or energy levels? Is it more difficult to resist the call of the TV and you have to force yourself to be active? Or do you find it easy to change from cricket to rugby, or running outdoors to on a treadmill indoors?   

If in the past months you were able to squeeze a round of golf after the office, what are you going to replace it with now? A visit to the gym, walking the dog, or just a visit to the club house bar? Or have you spent the past months keeping your kids busy with activities and now you finally have time for yourself after the school run?

What is your favourite activity? Does the changing season mean changing activities for you? We would like to hear from you. Let us know on our facebook page.

This week I will be switching from beach to indoor volleyball training. It means that one evening will be free for some tango dancing. Instead of running barefoot and rolling in the sand I will be wearing high heels and teach an Argentine tango class. A big change, especially for my feet, but equally fun.

Moving on the dancefloor requires more balance and core control (or at least a different kind) than running and diving for a ball. It is a steadier pace which continues for at least 3 minutes at a time and not in bursts. The focus for the game is replaced by the concentration for the dance and the music. But the happiness that I feel after a good dance is equal to the win point on court.

I totally agree with the findings of Michael Mosley, presented short time ago in the program Just one Thing.

Did you know that dancing leads to:

  1. Better brain health
  2. Improved flexibility
  3. Minimised stress
  4. Reduced depression
  5. Weight loss
  6. Increased energy
  7. Improved cardiovascular health
  8. Better coordination, strength, and balance
  9. Improved social and emotional health
  10. Higher self-esteem and confidence

Before you say you have two left feet, let me say that it doesn’t matter! I have two right ones!

It doesn’t matter how good you are, it just matters how much you enjoy it.

Why not take the very first step and contact Argentyne Tango for your first Tango class? 

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Published on: 14th September 2022