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Massage: Our Hands for Your Health


We all know the feeling of being under pressure, not having enough hours in the day, struggling to find some time to relax.

The Pre-Christmas time seems to increase this pressure even more, we all know the painful tight feeling in the neck and shoulders or a tight back or even a sour stomach or cramps belly.


We almost take the pre Christmas stress for guaranteed and inevitable If we are lucky we can “neutralise” these unpleasant conditions going out for a jog or having a good chat with friends. In this case we can go back to work recharged and relaxed ready for an other productive day.

If though the pressure continue for a prolonged time our muscles will stay “on alert” and under tension for too long. This can cause a long list of problems including headaches, teeth problems, neck and shoulder pain, tendon problems of the rotator cuff, elbow and wrist

A general “protective tightness” will also restrict our breathing and influence our digestion leading to poor oxygenation and sensitive tommies or constipation.

At the end of this chain reaction we will find a tired, stressed, grumpy unproductive ourself.

A massage shouldn’t therefore be regarded as a superfluous service or a luxury.

More over it is a pleasant way to keep ourself healthy and balanced and more productive.
Let us help you to feel better. Take advantage of the special offers and book your massage today.