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back Pain
23rd March 2018

Back Pain? What’s New

It is big in the news at the moment that experts have found out that prescribing rest and painkillers for back pain doesn’t do the trick.…/back-pain-costing-uk-one-mi/…

Well, this is what myself as physiotherapist but also, chiros and osteopaths have been preaching for years. I am a big advocate of “prevention is better than cure” and I believe that taking responsibility for our own lifestyle is the first step toward positive changes. We just need to be pointed in the right direction and this is also part of our job.

But we have to be aware of the danger of putting all the back pain patients in one big basket.

You as a person are unique with your own back problem. So you need a personalised approach for your active treatment to deal with YOUR back pain problem

At SWISSPHYSIO you will receive the attention and support you deserve to help you get back to your activities and maintain your body in optimal ” working conditions”.

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Published on: 23rd March 2018