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Sports injuries

At swissphysio we have an extensive experience in the treatment of fitness, sport and dance related injuries. We are very familiar with the performance pressure on artists and athletes and the physical and psychological demands of their activities. Prompt treatment and intensive rehabilitation programs using gym equipment and the sandy beach of Tynemouth will help you recover completely from injury maintaining a high level of fitness.

We are also very familiar with the often frustrating reoccurring sport injuries, with the treatment of chronic and therapy resistant pains and also female pelvic problems.
At swissphysio we can combine the high level of skills and professional training with the personal background and experience in the sport scene.

20With achievements within international swimming, bob sledging, volleyball, martial arts, athletics and enjoying many recreational activities like tennis, skiing and Argentinian tango we have accumulated a wealth of experience in the world of sport.

Back and Neck pain

New studies shows that more than 80% of the population has experienced back pain at least once and that it is one of the major cause for staying off work.
A precise and complete assessment will indicate to our experienced senior physiotherapists the sources and causes of the problem. With a long experience in back care we will treat the spine and alleviate the pain as first step using soft tissue mobilization and other manual therapy techniques, Kinesio Taping and electrotherapy. We then soon create an individual active program and will advise you about possible changes in the daily habits in order to consolidate the benefit of the treatment and avoid relapses.

Stress and poor posture

Stressful situations, long hours sitting behind a desk or a steering wheel with a poor posture are the most common reasons for aching back and neck muscles and head aches. We can help you rebalance your posture and relief your pain by assessing your workstation and car seat, recognizing areas of improvement and suggesting changes alongside massage and an exercise program to fit individual needs.