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Physiotherapy helps people affected by injury, illness, or disability through exercise, manual therapy, and advise. During treatment, your physiotherapist will restore health through physical exam, diagnosis, and a treatment plan. Physiotherapy aims to reduce pain and restrictions and to regain body function. Additionally, physiotherapy is not just used for recovery: it can maintain good health.

We focus on freeing you from pain and improving your health and your performance in activities.

Why problems occur

Scars, trauma, and strains influence the way we move. Repetitive activities and work conditions impact our posture. As a result, this can affect how our muscles work, the position of our joints, as well as the tension on the nerves. In addition, even pressure on the discs and the mobility of the organs is affected. Consequently, a chain of adaptations will result in pain and discomfort.

What to expect

Firstly, a thorough assessment will determine your needs and goals. Then, we will use the appropriate techniques to treat you. For example, we can mobilise or manipulate joints, the spine, or organs. We can stretch and smooth muscles and strengthen your back and neck. This will markedly improve your posture and gait.

During treatment we address the pain and restrictions. We aim to get rid of the problem’s cause. We will advise you how to make important changes and how to remain pain free and avoid relapses.

The physio can also advise you on biomechanics and how to assess your workstation and car seat. They may use Kinesio tape and dry needling to complement hands on treatment and support a fast recovery.

We combine years of experience with the latest technology like the Back Scan to provide the best treatment. We consider you as an individual and this approach guarantees a stable recovery and long lasting results.

Home visits

If you are unable to travel to the clinic but require help, home visits are available in the local area.

Referrals for diagnostic imaging

If necessary we can arrange for MRI or Ultrasound scans at Newcastle Clinic at a special rate.

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